Twitter, which increasingly has a reputation for attacking users who do not conform to the establishment line, recently downgraded Yiannopoulus’ account without explanation.

Yiannopoulos’s suspension upset a significant swath of the Twittersphere. The #JeSuisMilo hashtag  was one of the top trending terms throughout the US and Europe with over 50,000 posted tweets.

Twitter - Milo Yiannopolous - The Dollar Vigilante

Milo Yiannaopoulus of Breitbart is a rising star in the media world.  His claim to fame was his early news coverage of the Gamergate controversy, criticizing what he saw as the politicization of video game culture by “an army of sociopathic feminist programmers and campaigners, abetted by achingly politically correct American tech bloggers.”

Twitter Attacks Milo Yiannaopolous’ Anti-Establishment Tweets